The Curtain Going Up.

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The Curtain Going Up.

Marriage is an intricate ceremony, filled with complex actions that none but the oldest members of the audience seem to understand. Why not embrace the splendour and festive nature of the occasion with a wedding invitation card After all, you get only one day to remember, so you might as well make it memorable. The gold band of the card, snakes across the Royal Violet in the manner of a closed curtain of a play which has yet to start. A subtle message to invitees to be prepared to witness a flashy and dramatic spectacle of a wedding.

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Religion Hindu
Shape Rectangle
Innovation Cutwork
Pattern No
Occasion Grahapravesam
Finish Glossy
Illustrations No
Deities Ganesha
Colour White
Breadth 8.5 cm
Length 14.2 cm
No Inserts 1


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