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On the surface, a wedding is a turban, a ceremony, a bangle, people and food and so much more. On the inside though, a wedding is really a bond, a strong, eternal bond between two people that is filled with love, commitment and respect. The knot in the card symbolises this bond and the striking vermillion represents this love. This card is a brilliant form of invitation for a marriage that is so much more than just the wedding.

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Religion Hindu
Shape Rectangle
Innovation Scented
Pattern No
Occasion Engagement, Grahapravesam, Seemandam/Valakappu, Upanayanam/Thread Ceremony, Wedding
Finish Glossy, Multicolor Board
Illustrations No
Deities Ganesha
Colour Multicolour
Breadth 26.2 cm
Length 19.8 cm
No Inserts 3


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