Tribute To Hinduism

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Tribute To Hinduism

Get drenched in the time-honoured Hindu conventions with this carefully thought out invite. This invitation resonates of all that is Hindu and heritage, right from the Almighty Lord Ganesha to the depiction of the powerful "Om" mantra, the very commonly used "Shree" and the sacred symbol "Swastika."

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Religion Hindu
Shape Rectangle
Innovation No
Pattern No
Occasion Engagement, Grahapravesam, Seemandam/Valakappu, Upanayanam/Thread Ceremony, Wedding
Finish Embossed, Glossy, Matte
Illustrations Dol, Om, Shenoy, Shri, Swastik
Deities Ganesha
Colour Gold, White
Breadth 26 cm
Length 21 cm
No Inserts 2


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