7 Organic beauty tips for brides

Organic bridal beauty tips - Illustration
Organic bridal prep Design Design Courtesy: Nivetha Leoni (c) That1card.in

Every bride will want her skin to look at its best devoid of pimples, black marks, etc. on her wedding day. One can see young engaged women sitting in beauty parlors shelling out truckloads of money to look ‘perfect’. Want to new a few ways to get you a glowing skin spending the bare minimum?

1. An apple a day to keeps the acne away!

Yup! Apples are good to condition and bring an even tone to your skin. They help in preventing acne and work as great antioxidants, prevent cell and tissue damages thereby giving you a beautiful and young skin.
What you have to do: Make a paste of mashed apple, rose water, honey and oatmeal .This will act as an exfoliating mask for your skin.

2. Coconut oil to drive away the fine lines under the eyes and heal cracked lips

Smooth a tiny amount of organic coconut oil onto your ends of your hair to add a little shine, or on flyaways if you have dark hair. Remember that a dab will do you: Anymore and your hair
might appear greasy.

A recent study found that when applied topically, virgin organic coconut oil for skin can speed up wound healing, and it is also effective in increasing hydration and reducing water loss in seriously dry skin. Sounds like a recipe for a really good lotion to us

3. Mash up a papaya and apply on your skin.

Papaya is a wonderful antioxidant and can slay dead skin cells and treat skin impurities.

4. Use potatoes for healthy hair

Grate a potato, squeeze out the water, add an egg and curd and mix well. Make a fine pack and apply to the root of your hair, wash and then shampoo. Voila! Your hair becomes healthy and shiny.

Want jet black hair? Then you will love this one – add potato peels to boiling water, then use that water to rinse your hair after you have
shampooed it. Do this during every alternate hair wash for best results.

5. Say ‘Hello Mangos’ and slow down aging

Apply mango pulp on your skin. Not only do mangoes slow down the aging process but also regenerate skin cells and help restore the elasticity of your skin. Truly the ’King of fruits’ isn’t it?

6. Use lemons to lighten your skin

We know lemon can work wonders on our dirtiest utensils. Ever wish your skin would glow just the same? Yes it can. It can lighten your skin. Are worried about your dark elbows and knees? Hears a hack with lemons. Scrub the inside of the lemon peel on those dark spots and watch them vanish.

7. Oranges to improve skin texture, tighten skin and postpone aging

This delicious fruit contains vitamin C with improves skin texture, collagen-anti-aging agent. For tightening your skin, rub the inside of orange onto your skin. There is a bonus. It removes blemishes as well.

You would be wondering, where is the time for doing all this. Well, you will be spending just ten to fifteen minutes of your time every day and will end relishing on these great fruits as well. Two birds with the same stone, great isn’t it?

So ladies, gear up for your marriage. With these natural beautifiers, you are bound to look dazzling on
your wedding day. Aren’t you excited to try them out?