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Our first triumph – an inch above the leader!

That1Card.n beats industry giant Menaka Cards in Alexa India Rank’s Alexa Ranking (15th July, 2016)

15th July, 2016.

We’ve come a long way now.

This particular article is to celebrate and showcase our accomplishment on the SERP end. We’ve been following one parameter incessantly from the beginning of our journey – Alexa Ranking.

In simple terms, Alexa Rank is an indicator of how many people are visiting your site and spending quality time on your site…

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Keeping it simple – Islamic

Muslim wedding couple illustration - That1Card
Simple Nikah (Courtesy: Nivedha Leoni)

6th July, 2016.

Marriage in Islam is considered to be an act of worship. The Prophet (PBUH) regarded marriage as a
crucial aspect of his Sunnah. He recommended it to all of his followers and considered it to be a guiding light for the youth who get easily led astray which would help them live an honourable life. Followers of the Prophet (known as his Ummah) therefore seek to marry young…

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