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We’ve done it.

Not something that we all consider a kick-ass innovation or a huge market disruption.

Something smaller. But something significant.

Our first achievement. ‘Quantifiable achievement’ – better said!

We started of trying to build an e-commerce marketplace for invitation cards back in March 2015. Although we started early, our own assumptions about business pushed us into attempting multiple ideas at the same time. At parallel to That1card, we began an ‘Organic Home care’ product range by the name of EPIK Cleansing Solutions. Being an FMCG product and possessing all VC attractive terms like scalability, organic, IP etc. in it’s business model, it took away all our attention and put That1Card on halt. Our sabbatical took as long as 6 months and we resumed with That1Card only on December 20, 2015.

Since then, the journey has been very difficult. Yet we’ve persisted!

Wedding invitations is a market segment unlike others –

  • It has very low penetration of business owners outside of a few business families in each state
  • It is extremely complex to be sold online
  • It has such high sentimental value that associates itself with a high brand value and aesthetic value
  • Everything is a differentiator – price, sales, variety, location, design, salesperson, growth hacking, marketing, brand and language. There are hardly few businesses that possess a differentiation on so many parameters between each other
  • It has a huge global market and yet has few players who hold regional monopoly

We treaded into this field as complete outsiders and with little support on the procurement end from Sri Kannan Traders.

We’ve come a long way now.

This particular article is to celebrate and showcase our accomplishment on the SERP end. We’ve been following one parameter incessantly from the beginning of our journey – Alexa Ranking.

In simple terms, Alexa Rank is an indicator of how many people are visiting your site and spending quality time on your site. I’ve attached a small excerpt from their site (Definition) where you can find more information on this parameter.

That1Card - Alexa Rank beats Menaka Card
Alexa rank definition

Menaka Cards is a market leader in the segment. They’ve established themselves back in 1980 and launched their website ( first in 2005. As a sister concern they began another website called in May 2013.

Menaka Cards is a wedding card manufacturer with a hub-n-spoke model. They centrally manufacture and print all their cards in Tirupur and have over 40 franchise retail outlets across South India through which they sell cards. Wedtree is an online/offline player that uses a social media format website to sell cards, return gifts, sarees etc. and other associated event merchandise. Collectively with over 100 crores in turnover, the Menaka Cards franchisee is probably the largest brand the World has witnessed for a niche product like Invitation cards.

I’ve attached below two snapshots which show you the current date’s Alexa rank of these two websites –

That1Card beats Menaka cards in Alexa ranking
Menaka Card – Alexa Rank 15th July 2016
That1Card beats Wedtree in Alexa ranking – Alexa Rank 15th July 2016

The good news is that we’ve bet them.

Bet them in just 8 months.

And what’s even better, is that, we’ve done all that organically. We haven’t spent a single pie on an external agency, third-party company, online course, advertisement or other black-hat SEO techniques.

We’ve done all this by ourselves, by learning from scratch and applying the basic principles of SEO in a disciplined manner.

What’s even better is that we are going to revamp our site (come Aadi – the inauspicious month for weddings as per the Hindu calendar) and are looking to jump even further on the ranking list far ahead of them.

Here is the desktop snip which I’ve taken which shows our victory with the date as part of the image for proof.

That1Card.n beats market leader Menaka Cards in Alexa India Rank’s Alexa Ranking (15th July, 2016)

We’re not trying to boast here or act too smart about our small victory.

In a society where entrepreneurship is welcomed with cold feet and excessive negativity, it is in these small victories that we build within ourselves the re-assurance that we aren’t doing a mistake having chosen this path.

We’ll work harder. We’ll do better. We’ll make you proud.

We need your blessings more than your appreciation. We’ll make That1Card big!