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"When you own your story, you get to write the ending.”
- Brené Brown



Everyone has been to weddings and wondered about the money that was spent in hosting such a grand event. So, did we. ‘Spare no expense’ is a phrase that's often heard around weddings.

With so much spending, we would ideally expect them to get their money's worth, right?

We got a little curious and decided to dig deeper. What we found completely went against the widely held belief of spend more to get more.


We went through all the different aspects of the wedding and picked one. We picked Wedding Invitation cards.


People spend about 1/10th of the entire budget for a wedding on invitations and yet they have to run from one shop to another with the families to find and select the one card that they wish to invite their friends and relatives with. Of course, it doesn't end there. There are just another 100 steps to get the printed cards with the right content delivered to your doorstep.

The pain points were too many and we realized the urgent need to step in and sort this industry out. Given that the average age of our team is 23, we are all the more motivated to transform the way wedding invitations are bought, positively before our weddings are fixed.


Plans Ahead

We wish to expand into the larger and more expansive industry of event commodities. Our primary focus will always remain to give our customers the most convenient experience in procuring any commodity they want for their event in this highly disorganised and diversified industry by leveraging the power of technology and digital commerce


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We are highly committed to interacting with our consumers, stakeholders and general public at large through various means in places where they like to huddle. We speak out a lot only to listen to a lot more. We resonate with you sentiment , mood, thought and liking for honest, entertainment and ease.


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